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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Unusual Methods of Clamping: I

Something that causes a lot of distress is the clamping of unusually shaped objects. Here at Manbench Industries, we tend to go for 'cut, glue, assemble then decide how to hold together till glue dries' method of construction which often means interesting methods of clamping are used, using stuff that we can lay our hands on in our immediate vicinity. As and when these unusual methods come up, we'll post them - someone may find them useful!

This photo shows the clamping of a curved section of planking around the back of the tender of a model of an Emmet locomotive. After assembly, the question of clamping came up - this resulted in a piece of pipe being cut in two, a piece of bar put through the middle - pulled into place by the weight of two G-Clamps pulling the bar down and a G-Clamp holding a strip of wood in position to hold the pipes tight against the planks. It worked - yes - but we should have made a jig!

The Engineer.

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