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Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2013

After spending almost a fortnight at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, my wallet came back lighter and the project list longer! I managed to pick up these items from the autojumble...

The engine on the left is from an old Marklin steam plant, at the moment it is seized but is currently being soaked in oil to free it up. I like the idea of building a generating plant to illuminate the garden railway with it as the chance of finding the matching boiler is very slim. The Rocket coach is something I have been after for a while to go with my Hornby Rocket set - it has a few steps missing and one of the buffers is damaged but I like it!

The two books are for my 'library' and the oil cans and grease gun are for my collection of these items - yes another thing I collect! The small brass items are to go in the might be useful one day box...

I partook in the steam roller world record challenge to get the most steam rollers rolling a single stretch of road in one day - they managed 102 rollers - the line up at the end was quite impressive. Unfortunately, due to the sheer size of it I was unable to get a photograph of the line up, however, aerial photographs were taken and these can be seen on the GDSF website. Below is a photograph of the rollers arriving in the ring ready for the lineup.

The Engineer.

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