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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hawkes 28' dampener mounting....

A momentous occasion...our 100th post!

Finally got back round to a little work on my hawkes 28' drum. Remounted a few newly polished lugs, and fixed the newly made (all be it newly a year ago!) dampener.

It's workings (my own design) are fairly self explanatory. The knob on the winding thead pulls the arm upwards towards the skin, this is tensioned by a spring to pull it away from the skin when slackened on the knob. The dampening head is pivoted and held steady by a lever spring, this allows the lad to automatically level on the skin applying more equal pressure, something missing on many existing designs, in my humble opinion. 

Keen eyes may note there isn't a retaining nut on the pivot for the dampening pad. I assure I later realised and put it on! 

More details of further work to follow,

The Carpenter. 

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