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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

SHaaaaaaaWING Boat. Party time, Excellent.

One from the archives here, this was made for my GCSE in product design so is a good 3/4 years ago now. 

Essentially, the capacity was there in the given brief to make a juvenile sized fairground ride, and as you've probably gathered by now, I'm the sort of guy that when the time comes along that it seems appropriate to make a swing-boat, will sure as hell go ahead and do so. 

I'm fairly certain it was and forever will be the largest, and I'd argue most impressive, (our mutual friend the engineer may argue that) thing a student has ever produced at that school. And it got an A* so it couldn't have been bad!

I'll produce a "Where are they now!?" blog entry on this, as I can tell you now its all over the place!. Ultimately it was an exercise in constructing the thing, as i never really had any intention of keeping it. I've been told by a vast number of people since however that it was quite the waste and that they'd have happily had it for their gardens! 

The Carpenter.

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