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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Show us ya' NOB!

This is a KOolis little-bit-o-work,...
The knob to control the tension on the dampener I've made for the Hawkes snare drum. Made from a bit of bought in turned, pine drawer handle (From a large quantity we'd purchased to make pipe stoppers with,) and an old BA nut.

I simply marked out the center, drilled it, then marked out a housing for the nut and chiseled it out, (and it being into the end grain of a bit of pine) I thought this was quite skillfully done! The nut was then pressed into a tight fit with a little epoxy resin to help it on its way.

The end result plus a good few coats of shellac, proved very pleasing, and when fitted to the drum could easily fool someone into thinking its an original feature.

False antiquing lesson 101!
If it needs to look old, leave some dirt and grubby marks in place under your varnish, shellac or laquer. For that authentic restored look, who need to know its brand new? Our little secret...

The Carpenter.

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