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Monday, 4 March 2013

Stirling Engine III

I took the Stirling engine home for the weekend do do a bit of work on it. I planned to make the displacer cylinder and piston, which I got done but also managed to get a few more bits done including assembly of the crankshaft support assembly.

The displacer cylinder was made from an old sump syringe that I cut in half, the base is from an old brass plate I had in the scrap box, I think it looks rather smart, the firebox will be built up under this. The displacer piston is made from some 2" diameter brass tubing I picked up at a car-boot sale. Everything is silver soldered together, which was made far easier by my new larger gas torch which I use to pile heat into the whole component, using my smaller one to focus on the specific area of the job.

The Engineer.

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