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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hobbies SE4

Here at MBI, we pride ourselves in not being stuffy collectors who like things to come in boxes. In general, we like tinkering with old toys and making them do what they were supposed to do! However, when this particular engine came up on eBay the other day, for a very reasonable price, I just had to buy it. It is a Hobbies SE4 (made some time around 1937-1939) by Malins Engineers, who were to become Mamod on behalf of Hobbies. This was the top of the range engine at the time, with twin cylinders, geared counter shaft  whistle displacement lubricator and sold in a wooden box.

Considering this engine is over 70 years old, it is in very good condition, with the only real problem being the lack of paint on the firebox, the lack of lid on the box and no burner. I'm debating whether or not to make the burner, as replicas are available at a reasonable price.

The engine came with a Bowman loco burner which I need for another engine in my collection, and a non-original extension chimney. The brass tube the chimney was made out of will come in handy though, I've had great difficulty finding 1" OD thin wall brass tube to replicate a burner for another engine, and this so happens to be just what I was looking for.

The photos were taken immediately after unpacking with no cleaning. Since the photos were taken, I have rubbed the engine over with an oily rag (no polish) and it has bought the original paint out very nicely!

Further photos can be found on our Flickr account, which we will try and make use of to add extra photos relating to our posts here.

The Engineer.

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