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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


At a young age, before moving onto Meccano, I grit my teeth on the plastic construction set K'Nex. I had dozens of boxes of the stuff, mainly picked up from car boot sales. Unfortunately  as I grew out of it, my parents then got rid of my prized collection, only to end up re-purchasing it for my younger siblings, much to the satisfaction of myself, spending more time fiddling with it than they do!

Anyway, mum recently came home with a box of the stuff, and in it I found these small pieces which are obviously part of a new K'Nex range. I like seeing large and small versions of common objects, so just had to grab a photo of these miniature parts next to their normal sized counterparts. Although this post is not of much consequence or containing any useful information, I thought it might re-jig some happy memories of readers of my age group!

The Engineer.

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