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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

LBSC Steam Crane

I am a big fan of cranes - indeed, when I have a play with some Meccano I normally end up building some form of winching device, so a few years ago when I saw this model for the bargain price of £15 I just couldn't resist it! It's an old model based upon plans in Model Engineer by LBSC for a basic toy steam crane.

When I bought it it had no jib, but that was easily remedied with a couple of bits of steel and 20 minutes with the milling machine, a hacksaw and a file. Still need to put some supporting struts to stop the jib from moving up and down, but she looks rather smart now. I fancy mounting it on a rotary base and using it on the garden railway - not sure how the scale will match though.

The Engineer.

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