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Thursday, 3 October 2013


This title may be misleading; I'm not building some sort of honeywine fuelled robot, although that is a fantastic idea, and should we ever do so this will be what its called.

Rather then this is the continuation of that rather addictive hobby (that keen blog readers may note I started a while ago) of mead brewing. I feel my first somewhat crude batch was palatable, however had definite hints of cough syrup flavour. Since then I decided to up my game and after much research and debating (over published contradictions!) have switched to a more complicated recipe, with acid to balance sweetness, and added tannins to bring out the correct flavours. Also a proper yeast nutrient and sulphates!

This switch then was a definite improvement, producing a mead that was apparently, and I quote (somewhat proudly for a complete amateur)  "probably sellable!"

With two "sellable" batches under my wing then the "Original Saucy Badman Mead Co." (a subsidiary of Manbench Industries) have branched out into the creative mead recipe world. I'm pleased to announce the start of production of a "Blackberry Melomel" (Blackberry Mead) "A Braggott" (Ale Mead) and a "Brochet" (a Caramelised Honey Mead.)

I shall let you know how they all turn out in due time! In the meantime heres a sneak peak of one of the labels, the process of making which i find almost as fun as the brewing itself,.... not the drinking though!

The Carpenter.........................../Meadmaker!

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