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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hardwood Phone Case...

So while procrastinating from a looming calculus paper I decided I would knock up my own version of the Jimmy Diresta Hardwood Phonecase.

I'd noted the design a few weeks ago and thought it was an excellent and stylish alternative to the bulky, ugly work case my phone normally lives in. You can see the original build here; http://youtu.be/OkB3AQS4oW0

Also look out for other builds from Mr Diresta, he makes some really clever creative things!

So I've made a few alterations, mainly in materials, so here's the first few stages. 

I used some 6mm canary wood for the main body, some stock that was lying around, and some 4mm green felt, both for added protection and I thought it looked a little nicer than leather in my humble opinion. 

Here's the case glued and clamped up with a dummy wooden phone inside, note if you're going to glue up with a dummy make sure you wrap it in insulation tape so any glue can't stick!! 

I decided to add a stamped brass plaque to the front, here's this polished up! For some reason upside down...

I'll post the next stages when I need to procrastinate further!

The Carpenter.

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