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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Generator Experiment

A school project now - this was built for my A-Level Physics experiment where I decided to build a dynamo and measure the effects of increasing magnetic field strength, number of coils and velocity of rotation upon the voltage created. The dynamo was quite crude and very inefficient - the windings I made had wooden, as opposed to iron cores - the cast iron I had to do the job was so hard it barely scratched by the big power hacksaw I tried to cut it with - I suspect it was chilled. The AC voltage coming from the dynamo was measured on a oscilloscope,; the wave created is shown below. Anyway, I powered the generator by a big 12V motor with a field coil needing two power packs to run it. With the two power packs running, I was taking 460V from the mains, with the dynamo itself producing somewhere in the region of 0.4V, equating to an efficiency of somewhere around 0.08% - how's that for solving the energy crisis!

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