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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Unusual Methods of Clamping: II

Now, here's one that I really should have done in a different way, but you've probably realised that here at MBI we love a challenge, and I wanted to see if a drum shell could be laminated around a centre instead of the usual 'internal mould' method.

This was the construction of the snare for the "l'artisan de swing" drum kit, and doing it this way only served to prove that it was a silly idea, sure it worked, but it did leave the two of us wrestling with straps to desperately restrain glue covered strips of ply from darting across the room! Mistakes of course are the portals of discovery, and we learned that while it works it sure is a faff, and there are simpler ways....

The basic principle was that the ply's were built up around the centre core and restrained with webbing straps onto the G clamps, ratchet straps ensured much tension could be achieved.

Lesson Learned.... dont try and re-invent the wheel. (you can be sure we'll to again)

The Carpenter.

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