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Monday, 3 December 2012

Graphics Graphics everywhere but not a drop to Graphic.

Graphic design is something I've found myself dabbling with on a number of projects,
Shown here is my design for a plaque to mount on my custom built drum kit, the final design was then lazer etched onto an transparent acrylic sheet and mounted over a black backing.  This sort of thing can be easily knocked up in a few minutes on a word publisher, but just help to make a product look complete!

 I think my biggest flaw as a "Maker" is that I tend to spend more time producing these "Finishing Touches" than actually completing the project itself! Fortunately, our mutual friend "The Engineer", tends to get bored with a project before its time for finishing touches, so between us if we can put aside artistic differences, can usually make something great... when we're not frying grapes. (But thats a video for a different time.) 

The Carpenter.

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