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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Have you always been such a loose Cannon?!

MBI love nothing more than things that shoot things, so heres some details of another of our projectile launching projects.

This was a confetti firing cannon, that was designed to be used in conjunction with a mechanical organ, that the cannon might fire in time with the music! We never got round to actually trying it with an organ as, well to be honest the thing was overly bulky took up too much space and hence was chopped up and made into a planter for cactus's eventually. Still it was fun, and the simple mechanism did fire confetti quite nicely as Can be seen below! 

The main body was laminated ply, stained and varnished with turned solid ply wheels. The barrel itself was constructed of laminated paper around a wooden framework, painted in Hammerite Hammered Finish Gloss Black, for that authentic cast iron patina! 

Side profile...

Main air supply into barrel shown above...

Firing Shots...

Detail of the barrel end mouldings...

The Carpenter.

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