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Manbench Industries; Purveyors of general mayhem since 1994, a blog to follow the crazed, possibly deranged projects and emotive musings, of an undergraduate engineer, and an apprentice organ builder who have always felt they were born in the wrong age. Follow us as we, re-write history, learn lost skills, discover strange new worlds, break things, rant at things, mend things, make new things and generally find ways of passing the day instead of doing "proper work" !

Sunday, 9 December 2012

JazzmeupScotty... Something got Done!!!

Here at Manbench Industries its actually quite rare for a project to get finished mainly due to one, or indeed a number of the following reasons...

1/ While a project is underway another comes along that takes much of the interest away from initial one...

2/ The minute we think something is nearly done another great idea of a thing, or a part to add comes along, constantly pushing the finish line further back, 

3/ We're perfectionists, nothing can ever be finished, things can always be made better, 

4/ This project requires a new skill to be learned before i can complete it, (Years of learning how to do something follow until the project is finally returned to.) 

5/ We realise the idea was a silly one in the first place, and go away and do something else...
(usually leaving the workbench piled high with "Silly Ideas")

So then, when a project does finally get done its time to celebrate! And what better way than to do this than perhaps our second favourite thing, Dressing Up!  Shown below is the completed "L'artisan de Swing" Custom built Drum kit, shown in period 1920's style!  

The Carpenter.

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