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Friday, 7 December 2012

Unusual Methods of Clamping: III

Now this was a particular favourite of ours, again from the drum kit project. After the difficulties faced trying to lay up the drum shell around a centre we reverted to the standard method of forming an internal mould, the problem still stood as to how to hold the plies in place as the glue set of course.

This is where the MBI ingenuity came into play, the idea was born that inflating an exercise ball inside would not only do the job perfectly, but also look hilarious and provide hours of entertainment in that respect! The only downside of course was that we looked particularly un manly purchasing one of the exercise balls from the shop!
 (Apologies for the picture quality, after loosing the photo file it only existed as a hard copy so this is a scan from the coursework! )

The Carpenter.

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