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Manbench Industries; Purveyors of general mayhem since 1994, a blog to follow the crazed, possibly deranged projects and emotive musings, of an undergraduate engineer, and an apprentice organ builder who have always felt they were born in the wrong age. Follow us as we, re-write history, learn lost skills, discover strange new worlds, break things, rant at things, mend things, make new things and generally find ways of passing the day instead of doing "proper work" !

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Manbench Industries Plans on Planning (Life lessons No. 1)

Here at Manbench, we tend to follow the saying of the great George Gershwin "Life is like jazz, ... its better when you improvise"

That is to say we rarely plan, and if there is a plan, like hell does it ever get stuck to. 
Perhaps a good example of this is to show the original drawings the "Pub Bed" was created from. These masterpieces were hastily scribbled up in some dreary lesson back in the day and as you can gather the final product ended up looking somewhat different....

This rather haphazard style probably isn't for everyone but it sure makes life interesting, and if nothing else its worth a try surely.... 
Be like us improvise, blag, and fly by the seat of your pants! 

And that concludes todays life lesson. 

The Carpenter

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